Improve cPanel/WHM performance with Nginx today!

Installing server cache with Nginx on cPanel/WHM has never been easier

Astral360 – WSA is a cPanel/WHM plugin that allows easy installation of Nginx and add user-friendly server caching settings in both WHM and cPanel interface. The plugin is created by Astral Internet, a company that is in the hosting business for more than 19 years.

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Improve website performance and load times!

Harness the power of Nginx cache and accelerate every site hosted on your cPanel/WHM servers. Quick installation and seamless integration into cPanel, while ensuring websites compatibility.


Mobile performance increase

Google PageSpeed insights


Desktop performance increase

Google PageSpeed insights


Faster load time



Faster load time



Faster DOM load time

Chrome DevTools


Years of great support

Astral Internet

Enjoy all the benefits of server side caching

Astral 360 – WSA is the easiest way to integrate Nginx on your cPanel/WHM server. Nginx will be installed as a reverse proxy on cPanel and will allow you to offer server side cPanel caching with an easy to understand user interface.

Easy Installation

  • Single line installation
  • Compatible with all sites
  • Uses the official Nginx repository
  • Uninstall leave no footprint

Ease to Configure

  • Individual settings per cPanel account
  • Global settings in the WHM interface
  • Automatic updates

Nginx Proxy

  • Smaller footprint
  • Compatible with HTTP2 and SSL
  • Customizable caching
  • Reduce server load

Increase Income

  • Add more clients per server
  • Use it to upsell your package
  • Can be activated per package

Great Support

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Firsthand experience in web hosting
  • In business for over 19 years

Start accelerating your cPanel/WHM server today with Nginx

Works flawlessly on all cPanel/WHM compatible environment

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cPanel/WHM is built to create and exceptional hosting experience. The Nginx Website Accelerator module is no exception.
Great care was taken to make the integration of Nginx in cPanel seamless and hassle free for you and your clients.
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CentOS 6 and CentOS 7
CentOs is the platform of choice when talking of hosting websites with cPanel. The acceleration module was truly tested on both versions of CentOs currently supported by cPanel.
What about CentOs8? Well, we are already preparing our test environment in order to be ready when cPanel will be.
CloudLinux kernel offers great security improvement for CentOs.
The acceleration module was tested on CloudLinux with many different settings, including KernelCare, CageFS and LVE Manager.